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Cross over to the dark side

Self-adhesive tinting films for car windows, that help filter the sunlight while retaining good visibility. The reflectivity property of these films, in addition to reducing solar heat, protects the privacy of people and belongings inside the vehicle, shields eyes from light glare and enhances the aesthetic appearance of the car. 

Always ahead a true leader in wrapping


There’s no project that’s either too big or too small for our in-house team to manage, so from minor detailing to full vehicle wraps and motorsport graphics, we’re the one stop shop for any of your customisation needs.

Visit our sister company Johnny Angel Customs for body kits Halo ring light conversions GLOHH Lights & more. 


It's what's on the inside that counts

Glass and window tinting

Commercial Self-adhesive films for windows that help filter the sunlight while retaining good visibility. These films can be used to reduce overheating inside the rooms, protect goods displayed in stores from the UV rays, or simply enhance privacy as well as aesthetic appearance. The surfaces of all the films have undergone an anti-scratch processing. 

Glass and window decoration

Frosted Self-adhesive film for the decoration of glass and windows. Ideal for internal or external use.

Transparent and special designs that do not pass unobserved. We can make your shop window or signs unique and make windows and glass precious due to the elegant frosted effect. 

Glass and window protection

Self-adhesive ultra-clear safety film that holds glass together in the event of a break-in or breakage incident. The glass protected with films series SY/W is certified according to UNI EN 12600.


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